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 Animal Charms

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PostSubject: Animal Charms   Animal Charms Icon_minitimeMon Sep 28, 2009 11:36 am

  • As a familiar, the magpie teaches the reading of signs and omens
  • Ozark folklore tells us that when a honey bee flies around your head, money is on the way
  • When a red bird (cardinal) crosses your path, expect to receive a kiss before the day is out
  • When fishing, throw back the first fish you catch as payment to Neptune; then you will catch many more
  • The unicorn stands for virtue, purity, beauty, prosperity and peace
  • Geese stand for masculine power and fatherhood; serve roast goose at manhood ceremonies
  • A spider web evokes the power of networking and connection, and is also a potent symbol of the goddess
  • The sphinx represents the qualities of strength, intelligence and mystery
  • Peruvian woodpeckers are believed to bring thunderstorms with their drumming
  • Scarab beetles indicate deities, mythological events, historical personages and funeral signs
  • The camel has a great endurance; keep a brass camel on your altar for patience
  • In Pompeii, snakes represented household gods and the gods of fertility
  • Ants are social insects, bringing the energy of teamwork and community spirit; keep images of them at your workplace
  • The griffin means invincibility
  • The Phrygian two headed eagle stands for double vision
  • Lizards convey the power to regenerate what has been lost

- Alexa
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Animal Charms
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