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  • Having round shaped sun catchers in the windows promotes harmony, adds rainbows, and brings positive chi to any room
  • Place a four leaf clover in your lover’s shoe to help him or her remain faithful while traveling
  • Carry dice in your pocket for good luck
  • Keep an acorn on the windowsill or use it as a window shade pull; it grants protection, especially from lightning strikes
  • Hang a small set of wind chimes indoors; their happy sound dispels negative vibrations
  • painting the ceiling of your porch sky blue frightens away ghosts and wandering spirits
  • This fall, pick up a fallen acorn and slip it into your pocket; acorns promote fertility and symbolize the god
  • When you get a new coat, put a coin in the right hand pocket for good luck
  • Grow a bird’s nest fern in your home to protect all within, especially any children
  • If you find your home life feeling chaotic and out of control, clean your altar, taking off as many items as you can
  • If you wish to attract a house fairy, keep your house neat as a pin and leave offerings of honey, milk and sweet butter
  • A necklace of poppy seeds protects infants from the evil eye
  • Don’t change bedclothes on a Friday unless you want to have bad dreams

- Alexa
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Home & Person Charms
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