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Note: The mention of Sabbats and Esbats are part of the pagan calender.

  • Oil of vanilla conveys self confidence and brings good fortune
  • Wear Patchouli oil when taking a test to clear the mind and sharpen the wits
  • The snowdrop, crocus, and African violet are traditional flowers with which to celebrate the sabbat of Imbolc
  • To gain extra power, eat ginger before performing a spell—especially a love spell
  • Oils of orange creates an uplifting, positive atmosphere and is ideal for treating head colds
  • Add dill seeds to your bath to make yourself irresistible
  • Tulips are aligned with the element of earth; the encourage good luck and prosperity
  • give catnip to your feline familiar; it will create a psychic bond between the two of you
  • Gather the first violets of the spring and fashion them into a little posy; this encourages love and faery magick
  • Tuck a sprig of rosemary beneath your pillow to promote restful sleep and sweet untroubled dreams
  • To attract the faeries to your shady garden, plant violets, lady’s mantle, ferns, foxgloves, and bluebells
  • To attract the faeries to your sunny garden, plant yarrow, roses, rue, betony, lavender, and morning glory
  • Crumbled and dried betony sprinkled around the perimeter of your home creates a protective boundary and promotes security
  • Gather flowers for charms and spells early in the cool of morning; they will stay fresh longer
  • Plant cherry scented heliotrope in your sunny gardens; believed to grant invisibility, they help to ensure your privacy from neighbors
  • Grow green beans in your garden; they are sacred to the Goddess, and the blossom’s scent guides spirits to their resting place
  • To prevent nightmares, make a dream pillow stuffed with anise seeds
  • Lavender is an herb of transformation; use this herb to transform situations from negative to positive
  • Lavender promotes calm, relieves insomnia, and treats headaches—hence its use in linen closets
  • Wearing bright blue bachelor’s buttons—a Venus flower—is thought to make your irresistible
  • The flowering vine jasmine corresponds to the moon and is used to promote sensuality and loving enchantments
  • To bring rain, burn fern leaves outside
  • Red begonias or scarlet geraniums planted in window boxes bestow protection on the home and all who live there
  • Chrysanthemums are magickal fall flowers; their spicy scent bestows protection and their bright colors are uplifting and cheerful
  • Never use iron to harvest plants used for magick, as its touch dispels their power
  • plant your spring bulbs in the waning moon of September or October for best results
  • sweet, spicy sandalwood oil lessens inhibitions and frees the imagination
  • Essential oil of gardenia promotes trust, love and spirituality
  • Decorate your Yule wreaths with the magickal duo of holly and ivy; this promotes protection, fidelity and good luck
  • Wintergreen oil has a refreshing, energizing effect that also conveys wisdom
  • Eat turnips to help release a bad relationship that you’ve just ended
  • Clove oil enhances sexual attraction and grants courage; wear it for success with the opposite sex
  • Cardamom seeds play a key role in Indian and Middle Easter cuisine; this herb stimulates appetite and aids digestion
  • Sycamore is the residence of Nut, goddess of night and creative power; write spells on its shed bark
  • Yarrow grants courage and protection
  • Bergamot oil has a refreshing citrus scent; aroma therapists value its cooling and antidepressant effects
  • The aspen, a tree of protection, can teach how to create strong psychic shields; plant aspens to guard your home
  • Spearmint strengthens mental powers and grants protection during sleep
  • Pine trees enhance conjugal affection and longevity; plant them in pairs of groves for best effect
  • Ginger is an herb of new beginners; eat candied ginger to gain initiative and self confidence
  • The scent of lilac or gardenia can bring more balance and harmony into your life
  • Try growing a parsley plant in your kitchen for both cooking and to recycle negative energy; just make sure you provide it with a deep pot
  • Some consider daisies to be the spirits of children who died at birth
  • Carry black peppercorns with you when in need of extra courage
  • A primrose is extremely protective, provided you pick it before sunrise
  • Camphor trees are sacred in Shinto beliefs, in part die to their incredible longevity
  • Some rosemary under your pillow will help you recall your dreams
  • The great baobab tree represents safety in many African Societies
  • A sprig of St. John’s Wort over the doorway will protect a child from evil
  • Success herbs include balm, cinnamon, ginger, High John the Conqueror, rowan and Wahoo
  • Water herbs include aloe, comfrey, mallow, poppy, spikenard, Tonka, vanilla, wintergreen, and yarrow
  • Money herbs include allspice, bergamot, cinnamon, galangal, honesty, nutmeg, sassafras, tea, and woodruff
  • Air herbs include agrimony, borage, caraway, elecampane, fenugreek, hops, lemongrass, parsley, and sage
  • Fire herbs include allspice, basil, clove, damiana, ginger, lime, marigold, pepper, saffron, thistle, and wormwood
  • Healing herbs include eucalyptus, ginseng, horehound, mint, rose, thyme, vervain, and wintergreen
  • Feminine herbs include boneset, camphor, feverfew, hibiscus, mugwort, rose, strawberry, thyme, valerian, and yarrow
  • Earth herbs include bistort, cypress, horehound, mugwort, patchouli, sagebrush, turnip, Vetivert, and wheat
  • Protection herbs include asafoetida, bittersweet, caraway, dragon’s blood, fleabane, garlic, pennyroyal, and rue
  • Masculine herbs include anise, bay, cinnamon, dill, garlic, horehound, mint, pepper, rosemary, saffron, and yucca
  • Love herbs include apple, clove, damiana, ginger, lovage, mallow, rose, saffron, tormentil, vanilla, and yohimber

- Alexa
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Herbal Charms
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