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 Color Charms

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PostSubject: Color Charms   Color Charms Icon_minitimeMon Sep 28, 2009 11:34 am

  • In Greece, purple is the color of royalty, secrecy, and divine mysteries
  • Wear red to enhance love, virility, and passion
  • Magenta is a subtle color evoking intuition, change, and spiritual healing
  • Orange is the color of opportunities and adaptability, wear it when you need a boost in imagination
  • White is the color of purity, innocence, perfection, unity and peace
  • Blue is the color of truth and honor; wear it to help people believe in you
  • Pink is the color of compassion, harmony, affection, spiritual healing, morality, and contentment
  • Yellow is the color of fruitfulness, beneficence, and truth
  • Black is the color of binding death, female power, and protection
  • Brown is the color of stability, justice, animals, grounding, neutrality, and decision making
  • Grey represents neutrality, knowledge, vision and balance
  • The color green helps reduce fatigue
  • Wear orange when you need courage, enthusiasm, willpower, and adaptability
  • Orange attracts prosperity and luck
  • Yellow enhances intelligence, persuasion, vitality, joy and communication

- Alexa
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Color Charms
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