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PostSubject: Can Ghosts...   Can Ghosts... Icon_minitimeTue Oct 13, 2009 11:37 am

Someone asked me this question, so I thought I'd post it if anyone was interested.

I have a few questions that may sound dumb, but why not?
Okay, first question is, can spirits hear what we say? Like, say I keep saying out loud that I'm wanting to see a ghost or spirit, or something? Can they hear that? I ask that 'cuz I've been saying it aloud lately and this morning my husband and I felt a big, cold gust of wind out of no where. All windows, doors were shut. Fans were off too. So I was just wondering if they could hear what we say and whatnot.

Another question: I was wondering if spirits can follow you or find you where ever you are? My Grandparents died a few cities over and in an old house I used to live in, I could hear my Nana's voice telling me to take care of myself and do well in life. It was faint but audible. Also, one day my dog went down into the cellar where we kept my late Papa's luggage. I followed him 'cuz my dog *never ever* goes into the basement. I watched as he just kept staring at the suitcase, then it suddenly tipped over and my dog shot up the stairs. So I don't know if my Grandparents came to my house to contact me, greet me, check up on me, whatever.

Is there a way I can contact my late Grandparents?

My Answer:
Question 1: I suppose there is no way to say for certain, but I'm pretty sure spirits can hear us when we speak aloud. This will tie in to my answer for your second question, but this is exactly how I got into paranormal investigating when I was small. Long story short, I thought I saw my grandfather who had passed before I was born standing in front of my window. I held my hand up (I'm still not sure why) and said "if this is my grandpa, squeeze my hand," and the space between my thumb and pointer finger, and next to my pinky finger, squeezed. So yes, they can hear you.

Question 2: My grandfather has been with me ever since then, throughout different houses we've moved to, when I went to college, etc. I think they can find you. Now on the other hand, a ghost usually (this doesn't mean that they can't) doesn't follow people around. So just keep in mind to always distinguish between the two. (I know you said nothing about that, I just always hear a lot of people who say spirits and ghosts are the same).

Question 3: There are numerous ways to contact spirits (Oui'ja, dowsing rods, etc.). However, I strongly advise against using any of these methods. When you work these devices and methods, you are giving permission (whether or not your consciously aware of it), to a spirit to contact and come to you, either in the vicinity or through your body and mind, and you cannot control what type of spirit or entity can come through (including negative spirits, demons, etc.).

- Alexa
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Can Ghosts...
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