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 Beginning Divination: Methods & Tips To Get You Started

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Beginning Divination: Methods & Tips To Get You Started Empty
PostSubject: Beginning Divination: Methods & Tips To Get You Started   Beginning Divination: Methods & Tips To Get You Started Icon_minitimeSun Oct 04, 2009 5:12 pm

By Kerrilyn Bachler-Connor

There are literally hundreds of forms of divination, some may seem more realistic to you, while others may just plain make you giggle, or squint your eyes with a "huh?" But try to remember, these forms all have names, which means at some point, someone decided this was how THEY wanted
to practice divination. What's right for someone else may not be right for you, as what may be right for you isn't someone else's cup of of tea either. This article isn't really to teach you how to perform the different forms of divination, instead it is designed to help you see what is out there and help you decide what you would like to look into.

  • Ailuromancy: also known as Felidomancy, uses cats' movements to predict the future, especially the weather.
  • Alectryomancy: the diviner observes a bird pecking grain, corn or feed that has been scattered on the ground.
  • Aleuromancy: Divination with flour.
  • Alphitomancy: is a form of divination involving barley cakes or loaves of barley bread. When someone in a group was suspected of a crime, the members of the group would be fed barley cakes or slices of barley bread. Supposedly, the guilty party would get indigestion, while all others would feel fine.
  • Arachnomancy: Divinations involving spiders.
  • Astragalomancy: also known as astragyromancy, uses dice.
  • Astrology: divination using the effect of the sun, moon, and the planets.
  • Bibliomancy: divination by using a book
  • Cartomancy: Divination using a standard deck of playing cards.
  • Catoptromancy: reading images in a mirror.
  • Ceromancy: interpreting symbols from melted wax dripped in cold water.
  • Cheiromancy: or cheiromancy, is the art of foretelling the future through the study of the palm, also known as palmistry.
  • Cleromancy: divination through casting lots of sticks, stones, bones, beans or other items.
  • Cleidomancy: divination using a suspended key, similar to a pendulum.
  • Cromniomancy: divination with onions.
  • Crystallomancy: divination using a crystal ball.
  • Dactylomancy: divination using a suspended ring, or by means of finger movement.
  • Geomancy: interprets markings on the ground, or how handfuls of dirt land when tossed.
  • Graphology: is the study and analysis of handwriting.
  • Hippomancy: reading omens involving horses
  • Lampadomancy: a form of divination using an oil lamp or a torch flame.
  • Lithomancy: a form of divination using crystals
  • Lychnomancy: interpreting omens from flames of three candles.
  • Metagnomy: divination by sights of future events when seen in a hypnotic trance.
  • Molybdomancy: is a technique of divination using molten metal dripped into water.
  • Numerology: divination or analysis using numbers relating to personal events or names.
  • Oneiromancy: interpretation of dreams.
  • Onomancy: divination through names
  • Ouija: spirit board divination - be very, very cautious with objects such as the Ouija.
  • Palmistry: divination through studying the features of the hands.
  • Podomancy: similar to palmistry, but based on the soles of a person's feet.
  • Psychometry: is a form of esp where a psychic holds an object in his or her hands in order to learn about the object or its owner.
  • Pyromancy: divination by fire
  • Runes: Agents of divination.
  • Scatomancy: divination by animal droppings
  • Scrying: practice of staring into a reflective surface such as water or a mirror to see events in the future.
  • Tarot: Divination using a tarot card deck.
  • Tasseography: divination by tea leaves or coffee grounds in the bottom of a cup.

No matter what form of divination you choose, there are certain steps you can take to help you in your divination practices. Even when you are just reading about how to perform different types of divination these tips come in handy as they help get your mind into the right frame and focus on the task at hand.

Before beginning any divination practice, try a brief meditation to help set your mind at ease while opening it to the possibilities at the same time. Try one of the following:

(This first one is a pagan and/or Wiccan prayer to the Goddess)
Oh Goddess,
Grant me peace and tranquility
To divine safely
And grow in my spirituality.


One with peace
One with tranquility
One with nature
Let your spirit
Flow through my
Thoughts and clear
My mind of
Rambling thoughts
And useless clutter.
Open my mind,
Open my mind,
Open my mind.


Release my mind
From its burden
Of thought and
let the ideas run free.


Open my heart,
Push all else
To the back or
To the side.
Let love and light
And life,
Let peace and calm reside.
Let love and light
And life

There are other items you can also use to add to the intensity of your session. These include candles in corresponding colors, incense, and other scents. Try to work the follow items into your practice or study, all of them increase the energy needed for divination.


  • Black for divination.
  • Blue for psychic abilities.
  • Indigo for insight, vision, and psychic abilities.
  • Magenta for intuition.
  • Purple for psychic abilities, and insight
  • Silver for intuition and psychic abilities.
  • Violet for intuition.
  • White for divination.
  • Yellow for studying.
  • Crystals or stones:
  • Amethyst for psychic energy.
  • Aquamarine for psychic awareness.
  • Azurite for psychic energy and divination.
  • Beryl for psychic awareness
  • Citrine for psychic powers.
  • Emerald for psychic abilities.
  • Geode for psychic abilities.
  • Hematite for divination.
  • Lapis lazuli for psychic abilities.
  • Lepidolite for psychic abilities.
  • Moldavite for psychic abilities.
  • Opal for psychic abilities.
  • Peridot for intuition.
  • Sapphire for psychic abilities.


  • Celery for psychic abilities.
  • Corn for divination.
  • Pomegranates for divination.

Herbs, oils, or incense:

  • Acacia for psychic abilities.
  • Alder for divination and scrying.
  • Angelica for visions.
  • Bay for divination.
  • Camphor for psychic abilities.
  • Catnip attracts good spirits.
  • Celery seeds for psychic abilities.
  • Cereus for for psychic awareness.
  • Cinnamon for psychic awareness.
  • Coltsfoot for visions.
  • Dandelion for calling spirits.
  • Deer's tongue for psychic awareness.
  • Honeysuckle for psychic awareness.
  • Iris for psychic awareness.
  • Jasmine for psychic awareness.
  • Lemongrass for psychic awareness.
  • Mace for psychic awareness.
  • Magnolia for psychic awareness.
  • Marigold for psychic powers
  • Mugwort for divination, clairvoyance, and psychic powers.
  • Nutmeg for psychic awareness.
  • Orange for divination.
  • Orris for divination.
  • Patchouli for divination.
  • Peppermint for psychic awareness.
  • Poplar for divination.
  • Rose for psychic powers.
  • Rowan for divination.
  • Sandalwood for psychic awareness.
  • Star anise for psychic powers.
  • Tangerine for psychic powers.
  • Tuberose for psychic powers
  • Willow for divination.
  • Wormwood for psychic powers.
  • Yarrow for psychic powers.
  • Yerba Santa for psychic powers.

You can combine any of the above together and grind them into a powder to make an incense to burn on a lit charcoal tablet while doing your studying or practice.

Getting into the mood to study about divination is important for 2 reasons. First of all, when you actually do start practicing a form of divination, you will already have a good idea of how to shift your consciousness to get into the right state of mind. Second of all, being in this state of mind while studying will help you to decide which forms of divination are for you. They will speak to you louder and clearer than other forms that you just aren't meant to work with. Don't take it as an offense, each of us have our strong points and while some people are good at some forms of divination, others just aren't. With some patience and practice, you will find the one that is right for you.

Credit also goes to Wise Witches Society.

- Alexa
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Beginning Divination: Methods & Tips To Get You Started
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