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 Helpful Software for Paranormal Researchers

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PostSubject: Helpful Software for Paranormal Researchers   Helpful Software for Paranormal Researchers Icon_minitimeFri Oct 02, 2009 3:52 pm

All credit for this list goes to JD Farrell.

Audacity - By far the best free program for audio and EVP recording/editing, and it has a few noise reduction filters. Can be found here.
AoA Audio Extractor - I found this little program recently. It extracts the audio from your video files... great for examining EVP captured on video. There is a free version and its fully functional. Can be found here.
EVP Maker - A free experimental tool for capturing EVP's by the means of breaking up existing audio fragments. Can be found here.
EVP Assistant - A great free program for the creation of background noises for EVP's to remodulate (includes white noise and spiricom). Can be found here.
Windows Movie Maker - All PC's should come with this as standard, I'm not after fancy effects, and this is what I use to put my paranormal footage together to show others.
Koyote Free Video Converter - An excellent free programme that changes video files from 1 format to another...very easy to use. Can be found here.
Watermark V2 - A good free program for watermarking your images if your are worried about copyright and theft. Can be found here.
Avidemux Video Editor - A useful free video editing tool. Can be found here.
Gimp 2.6 - A useful free image editing tool. Can be found here.

Cool Edit Pro/Adobe Audition - By far the best software for your EVP needs (in my opinion), unfortunately its not free but trial versions are available at various places on the web.
Sony Vegas - This software is far from free, but I did download the trial version (which lasts 30 days) simply to create an intro to all my paranormal videos. It has a lot of helpful features like panning and scanning to zoom into an area

Have any suggestions?

- Alexa
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Helpful Software for Paranormal Researchers
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