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 Emotional Health Colors

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PostSubject: Emotional Health Colors   Mon Sep 28, 2009 3:14 pm

Balanced-power, empowerment, motivation, passion, assertion and ambition
Overactive—dominance over others, aggression, violence, frustration, lust
Shortage—lethargy, powerlessness, devoid of motivation

Balance—use power wisely and lead by example
Overactive—emotions run out of control, feelings of fear, distrust, and jealousy take over
Shortage—difficult to relate to others and may come across as aloof and uncaring


Balanced—happiness, motivation, optimism, general sense of well being
Overactive—selfishness, pride, arrogance
Shortage—low self esteem, poor self image

Balanced—love, compassion, power, self esteem, courage and passion
Overactive—self centered, seeking power for self
Shortage—selfish, demanding, meanness of spirit

Balanced—cheerfulness, expansiveness, motivation
Overactive—inability to focus, critical attitude, psychological bullying
Shortage—isolated, deprived of self worth

Balanced—excited, motivated, uplifted
Overactive—sick with excitement, emotionally unbalanced
Shortage—fear, anger, jealousy, and hatred manifest

Balanced—content and satisfied with life, optimism, confidence
Overactive—over demanding, critical, jealous, moody, depressed
Shortage—apathetic and fearful of rejection

Balanced—calm, peaceful, relaxed
Overactive—mind will be overactive
Shortage—secretive, confused about direction in life, paranoia

Balanced—inspired, calm, at peace with the world
Overactive—arrogance, self centeredness, self righteousness, dogmatism
Shortage—withdrawal from the world, frightened, timid, manipulative and unreliable

Balanced—confidence, security, self belief
Overactive—pride, manipulation, dogmatism, egoism manifest
Shortage—oversensitive to others’ feelings, afraid of success and undisciplined

Balanced—feel powerful and in control
Overactive—irritability, impatience, arrogance
Shortage—low self esteem, negative thinking, apathy

Balanced—in control of their moods, self sufficient, tolerant and kind
Overactive—overwhelmed, impatient, intolerant
Shortage—loses interest in their surroundings and feels depressed and isolated

From a book called Color Decoder. It's concerned with color psychology and numerology to determine your three colors that tell you (fairly accurately actually) about your personality.

- Alexa
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Emotional Health Colors
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