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 Cleansing Stones & Stone Meditation

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Cleansing Stones & Stone Meditation Empty
PostSubject: Cleansing Stones & Stone Meditation   Cleansing Stones & Stone Meditation Icon_minitimeMon Sep 28, 2009 2:46 pm

How to cleanse stones:
Some stones need to be cleansed before and after use to remove any negative energies. To do this, place the stone in your left hand and concentrate on its energy and vibrations. Imagine the energy flowing from the rock and through your body, and back again.

Stone Meditation:
To get in touch with the energies resident within rocks, take a rock that appeals to you. Place it in your power hand and sit quietly. Direct your consciousness to your hand. Explore it with your mind. Hold the rock passively and let it speak to you. If the vibrations from the stone are fast, it’s a high vibration stone, same goes for the opposite.

- Alexa
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Cleansing Stones & Stone Meditation
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