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 Healing Herbs

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Healing Oil
Gather together equal parts sandalwood chips, fresh red carnation petals, and rosemary leaves. Crush slightly and then pack them into a green-glassed jar. Pour purified olive oil over them and cap tightly. Let sit for seven days where it will receive the sun’s rays during the day and the moon’s rays at night. Afterward, strain and store in the green-glass jar. This oil may be kept for long periods ready to be used as needed. To help preserve it, add a few drops of benzoin tincture.

Healing amulets

  • All purpose amulet: one peeled clove of garlic, a pinch of eucalyptus, a pinch of cinnamon, two pinches sage, and one pinch saffron sewn into a blue cloth and anointed with sandalwood oil. This is to be carried at all times by the afflicted until the problem is gone.
  • For lung complaints: add spearmint to the all purpose amulet
  • For problems with the head or mind: add a little rosemary
  • Eye complaints: add eyebright or chamomile - every three days it is worn anoint with sandalwood oil.

Healing Wounds
A dressing that has been used on the wound is sprinkled with rue oil and hidden inside a hole hollowed out in an oak tree. This is done during the waning moon, for the wound is being banished. Anoint the injured person with carnation oil to speed healing and regrowth of the damaged area of his or her body.


  • Gather any herbs (usually ivy) growing on the head of a statue. Bind this loosely around the sufferer’s head with a light-blue thread and it will lessen even violent pain.
  • A pillow sewn up of mugwort leaves helps a headache
  • Sew up a small light blue sachet of equal parts lavender, mandrake, peppermint, mugwort, clove, marjoram, and orange peel. Tie the sachet onto a blue thread or cord and wear around the neck to prevent headaches from occurring.


  • Sew up a sachet of eucalyptus in blue cloth and either wear or carry during cold season
  • Anoint the forehead, throat and wrists with eucalyptus oil

- Alexa
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Healing Herbs
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