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 Herbal Oils

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Fill a small jar with the leaves and petals of the herb(s) you wish to make oil from. Pour olive oil over them to cover. Tightly cork or cap the jar and keep in a dark warm place for three days. Shake daily. On the third day strain the oil, fill the jar with fresh leaves or flowers and pour the same oil back in. Do this until saturated with the fragrance. Finally strain the oil with muslin and store in a tightly stoppered bottle, opaque being the best.

Scented Oils and their Powers

  • Acacia: aid meditation, develop psychic powers
  • All-spice: added determination and energy
  • Almond: prosperity
  • Anise: clairvoyance, divination
  • Apple blossom: promote happiness and success, love
  • Basil: harmony, luck
  • Benzoin: peace of mind, purification
  • Bergamot: protection, prosperity
  • Camphor: strengthen psychic powers
  • Carnation: energy restorer, healing
  • Cinnamon: personal protection, female sexual stimulant,
  • Cinquefoil: protection
  • Clove: attract lovers, helps memory
  • Coriander: love
  • Cumin seed: peace and harmony in the home
  • Cyclamen: love, marriage, ease childbirth
  • Cypress: blessing, consecration, protection
  • Eucalyptus: healing, purification
  • Frankincense: anoint magickal tools, strong purifier
  • Gardenia: love, protective
  • Ginger: indices passion
  • Heliotrope: aids in clairvoyance
  • Honeysuckle: mind powers, prosperity
  • Hyacinth: peace of mine to the mentally disturbed, relaxing
  • Hyssop: increases finances
  • Jasmine: attract love, relax
  • Lavender: healing, purifying
  • Lemon grass: aid psychic powers
  • Lilac: peace, harmony, memory
  • Lotus: blessing, anointing, meditation, healing, good fortune, happiness
  • Magnolia: meditation, psychic development, peace, harmony
  • Mimosa: healing, producing prophetic dreams
  • Mint: prosperity, business
  • Musk: purify, gain courage
  • Myrrh: purification, protection, hex-breaking
  • Narcissus: peace, harmony, relaxes, a narcotic type oil
  • Neroli: peace
  • Nutmeg: induce sleep, aid meditation
  • Orange blossom: marriage
  • Orris root: attracts opposite sex
  • Patchouli: wards off negativity and evil, peace of mind, sensual
  • Peony: luck, good fortune
  • Peppermint: create change
  • Rose: love, peace, harmony, also good for menstruation relief
  • Rose geranium: protection, blessing
  • Rosemary: healing, protective, ease headache
  • Rue: beak up negativity and curses
  • Saffron: aids clairvoyance
  • Sandalwood: protective, healing
  • Sesame: gives hope
  • Sweet pea: personal oil
  • Spikenard: anoint sacred objects
  • Tuberose: peace, aids psychic powers
  • Vanilla: energy restorer
  • Vervain: stimulates creativity
  • Violet: love, healing
  • Wisteria: passport to higher consciousness
  • Ylang-ylang: sooths problems of married life, calm

- Alexa
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Herbal Oils
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