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 Various Old Amulants

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PostSubject: Various Old Amulants   Various Old Amulants Icon_minitimeMon Sep 28, 2009 2:31 pm

  • To allay fear: carry a mixture of nettle and yarrow
  • To be courageous: wear a fresh borage flower, or carry mullein
  • To ensure safety and protection on a journey: comfrey worn or carried will safeguard you
  • To guard against rape: wear heather
  • To keep one from dreaming: hang a sprig of lemon verbena around the neck
  • To prevent weariness while walking: put mugwort in the shoe
  • To keep venomous beasts and wild animals afar: wear avens or mullein
  • To keep others from deceiving you: wear pimpernel or snapdragon
  • To keep disease afar: wear a sprig of rue around the neck
  • To ensure victory: wear woodruff
  • To ensure that friendly words are spoken to you: wear heliotrope
  • To enter the underworld: carry an apple, or the branch of an apple tree that bears buds, flowers, and fully ripened fruit
  • To regain lost manhood: carry an acorn or mandrake root
  • To remain youthful: carry an acorn
  • To prevent drunkenness: wear a chaplet of saffron, crocus, parsley, or rue to prolong your enjoyment
  • To see faeries: gather wild thyme and carry it with you, or put it on the eyelids and sleep on a faerie hill
  • To be a successful fisherman: carry a bit of hawthorn
  • To see a unicorn: carry a bit of the ash tree

From Magical Herbalism by Scott Cunningham

- Alexa
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Various Old Amulants
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