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 The Sabbats

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Yule - Winter Solstice (Dec. 20, 21, or 22) - renewal and rebirth during winter. Fires are lit, candles carried around circle, the yule log. Colors are green and red. Wheel symbol, evergreens, yule log, small potted tree.

Imbolc - Candlemas/Festival of Lights (Feb. 2)
- Candles lit and held in circle, blessing of seeds, wheel symbol placed on altar. Colors: white, green and white, blue. Dish of snow; evergreens.

Ostara - Spring Equinox (March 21, 22) - The start of spring. Fire is lit in circle during (not before) rite itself. Colors: white. Potted plant, cauldron or bale fire.

Beltane - (April 20 or May 1) - The return of fertility. Weaving ribbons, bonfire leaping, horn blowing. Color: white.fresh flowers; cauldron filled with flowers; mirrors.

Litha - Summer Solstice (June 21, 22) - Great magickal power. flower ringed cauldron, sword plunged into cauldron, bonfire leaping, herb drying; mirrors to capture sun or fire light. color: white.

Lughnasadn -Lammas (Aug. 1) - Harvest and Thanksgiving. Bread eaten and thrown into fire, grains woven into goddess and god symbols. colors: red, orange. corn dollies; special loves of bread; grain.

Mabon - Fall Equinox (Sept. 22 or 21) - Second harvest and mysteries. Fruit is honored; ritual sprinkling of leaves; pine cones; wheat; dried leaves. colors: red and brown.

Samhain -(Oct. 31 - Nov 1) - The end of summer, Pagan new year. The dead are honored. scrying in smoke, candle flames, fire or mirror, calling departed ones; leave food outside after ritual; pomegranates; pumpkins; apples. Colors: red, black.

- Alexa
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The Sabbats
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