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 Esbats - Lunar Calender

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Esbats - Lunar Calender

  • January- Wolf Moon: self-evaluation and working within
  • February - Storm Moon: self-forgiveness and self-purification
  • March - Chaste Moon: new beginnings and projects; setting things in motion
  • April - Seed Moon: energy of creation
  • May - Hare Moon: celebration of love and the life it produces
  • June - Dryad Moon: give thanks for life, times of splendor in Nature and for working to strengthen ourselves
  • July - Mead Moon: magic works best during this month; divination, dream work and meditation
  • August - Corn Moon: reap benefits and get work done
  • September - Harvest Moon: organize spiritual and emotional clutter from summer
  • October - Blood Moon: meditate on death, rebirth, and reincarnation
  • November - Snow Moon: transformation and preparation
  • December - Oak Moon: spiritual rebirth
  • Second Moon - Blue Moon: special time for special workings

Moon Phases:

  • Waning Moon: perfect time for efforts concerning shrinkage, elimination, or separation
  • Dark/New Moon: self-improvement, gardening, employment solutions, health
  • Waxing Moon: involving any kind of increasing, necessities of momentum
  • Full Moon: any magic done during this moon phase is charged to the max; great time for handling difficult or complicated matters
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Esbats - Lunar Calender
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