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 Basic Hoodoo Elements

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Hoodoo is a form of African traditional folk magic, and is also known as conjure. It is a tradition of magical practice that developed from the syncretism of a number of separate cultures and magical traditions including many Native American beliefs.

  • Graveyard dirt: must leave on offering at the disturbed grave, coins, or liquor. Mercury dime is at all possible
  • Goofer dust: graveyard dirt and sulfur salt
  • Four-leaf clover: from Celtic tradition that clover was a charm against evil spirits. First three leaves bring hope, faith, and love; the fourth leaf brings luck. A four-leaf clover is also a quincunx.
  • Coins: mercury dime because of mythical associations. Mercury is considered the first metal in Alchemy. Mercury is the god of magicians, derived from Hermes. Statues of Mercury and Hermes are set at crossroads.
  • Crossing marks: are laid down in chalk salt, crossroads dirt. Formula varies, but the marks are usually laid down in a cross pattern (quincunx) with a circle around it. Wavy lines symbolically representing snakes were used. Patterns of small stones or marks made with the finger or a stick will work when you have no crossing powder. Bad luck for the person the charm is intended for - sometimes also for whoever else crosses it. Left over elements should be discarded at crossroads if possible.

A quincunx:
Basic Hoodoo Elements AlchemyQuincunx
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Basic Hoodoo Elements
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